Energy Management

Energy Management Software


Stand-alone energy monitoring systems that just chart meter data can identify spikes in energy or general energy waste. But what’s the next step? What caused the spike? How do you reduce consumption? Reports, charts and graphs don’t save energy—actions do.
This is where stand-alone energy monitoring applications always let you down. They can identify problems, but they have no knowledge of what caused the problem, nor do they have the means to do anything about it.

Combined management: Without the ability to control the energy intensive equipment in your building, you have no way to reduce consumption or manage demand. enteliWEB combines energy monitoring with facility management, allowing you to actually control your energy. Energy waste can not only be identified, but it can be reduced through enteliWEB’s link to the building automation system.
Energy toolkit: enteliWEB provides the crucial link between monitoring and control. It gives you the power to manage your facility’s energy with simple, state of the art, tools. Combine this with the knowledge and experience of Delta’s Partners, add the convenience of having one contractor responsible for your energy management, and you’ve got a winning recipe for energy reduction.