Energy Awareness

Energy Awareness


A key ingredient of creating an energy efficient facility, is the cooperation of the building occupants. When you’ve spent a lot of time and effort to make your facility energy efficient, you need to let people know about your achievements and what they can do to help.  Energy efficiency projects have the duel benefit of saving money and helping the environment.  It’s a win-win scenario for your facility, but without feeding this information back to your stakeholders, it may appear as if nothing is being done. 

This is where an educational type of energy dashboard can help to raise the profile of your organization and positively influence the habits of the building occupants. They allow your stakeholders, and your community, to see and interact with your building, engaging and motivating them to be accountable for their energy use.


Delta’s Earthright™ Energy Dashboard: is designed for exactly this purpose and can be installed on your facility’s WAN, on a display in the lobby, or on a touch screen kiosk.  It provides your facility’s stakeholders, whether they are students, faculty, tax payers, or tenants, with concrete evidence of your organization’s commitment to energy conservation.  You’re improving your facility, now it’s time to let everyone know!