BEC Complete Upgrade of Synectics Solutions new HQ

The challenge was to upgrade a 15 year old Delta Controls V2 system with the latest enteliBUS hardware to make the site fully native BACnet. This required an upgrade of the Air Conditioning interface to give the user full control and monitoring of every unit in the main areas, allowing Synetics to trim operation to save energy and identify any faults quickly.

The solution was to use Delta Controls' retrofit adapter boards to allow in-place replacement of the old hardware with minimal re-wiring. This allowed for a quick and tidy installation.

The system went through a full health check to identify any troublesome HVAC equipment to allow Synetics to get all equipment operational before their move to the new facility.

All utility meters are now monitored by the new system and along with their new enteliWEB Advanced Operator Workstation, this allows Synetics to monitor there energy usage and make further savings.

eVIZ5 ACU Template 2

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